7 Mar, 2013 @ 16:47
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Longer than a Leonard Cohen song

Sophie and India enjoying their pancakes

AS usual it’s all hands on deck this month at British School of Marbella (BSM) with a list of upcoming events longer than a Leonard Cohen song.

Coming hot on the heels of Pancake Day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year celebrations, we have World Literacy Day, World Numeracy Day and World Science Day.

Calls for a Snack Day from some corners of the staff room fell on deaf ears as they were clearly taking the biscuit.

Designed to get the pupils excited about the three core subjects, teachers have been covertly preparing a mind boggling array of activities under the cover of darkness for the special days.

What exactly will be happening on each day is a closely guarded secret however I can let you know that one experiment will involve a bottle of lemonade and carefully placed mints in the playground!

For Mothers Day children have been creating works of art as well as rather delicious ‘Milkshakes for Mummies’.

And then there is the annual Talent Show and although it’s been reported that Simon Cowell has yet again turned down the opportunity to be a judge,
several parents have stepped up at the last minute to replace him.

Staff are also set to surprise pupils and families with a special performance that promises to ‘raise a few eyebrows’.


  1. Hello, I don’t think Leonard Cohen songs are long so it is not good to teach children at the school things that are wrong. It doesn’t help them with maths at all. When they grow up we want them to tell only the true not the false so please write story again with different heading line. Thank you

  2. Stefanjo what songs of Leonard Cohen do you mean seem long. I am not quite understanding your point. If you mean 1000 Kisses Deep that is not a measurement really but an analogies.

  3. Back in the sixties, the saying used to be,”put on Leonard Cohen and pass round the razor blades”. In other words, dreary and depressing songs that seemed to go on forever.

  4. But that was just a silly newspaper thing. These days he is performing all over the Worlds and he is famous for his jokes and athletics on stage. Maybe you are out of date very, Stefanjo ?

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