7 Mar, 2013 @ 14:29
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More bad weather to come in Andalucia

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FOR those readers who were quietly hoping for a bit of sunshine this weekend we’re afraid to tell you that you’re going to have to keep your wellies on.

The coast has received a battering of late and, according to the forecast, things aren’t going to look brighter until next Wednesday.

Malaga is set for mist, fog and rain, Estepona will experience showers and Gibraltar should have lightening today to name just a few unfortunate spots.

It’s not a good sign for our rivers either as Karl Smallman experienced this morning when he took this picture in Estacion de Jimera de Libar when the river burst its banks.

But you never know, forecasts have been wrong before, so keep your shorts on standby!


  1. Yes the weather here can be very bad ! friends i know in England think i came here for the weather and i am basking in the sun round my pool drinking gin and tonic all day LOL ! but what i came here for was to let my husband retire early and we could not have done that in England .

  2. Many people would be surprised to hear that the rainiest village in Spain is in Andalucia: Grazalema (Cadiz province). More here “http://www.andalucia.com/province/cadiz/grazalema/home.htm”
    But at least we know that we are pretty much guaranteed a long hot summer here in southern Spain!

  3. @Sarita, we’re certainly guaranteed a long hot summer in Spain, and of course that’s when most expats go back home as it is impossible to do anything lol.

    @Barbara, why can’t you retire early in the UK? Have they banned early retirement?

  4. What I like about Andaucían winters is twofold.

    One. Even though we live in the mountains, it is very rare to see snow in the village. And even if it falls, it has gone by midday.

    Two. The winter is short compared with the UK and Northern France. On average, it lasts three months; December, January and February. And that´s it. None of those bleak, cold days in October or April that I used to get in the UK.

    Crisp, cold mornings, followed by a warm sunny day. That is the norm. So it´s quite normal to see people sitting outside on the village square in December at lunchtime with a cold drink in front of them.

    By the way, I mentioned mountains. I am a man of modest means and I could never have afforded to buy a house in the only mountainous area of England, the Lake District.

    More to the point, many are the days when we have been mountain walking in December and January just in short sleeves and lightweight trousers, together with other (Spanish) locals similarly clad. You would have to be mad to do that in Northern England at that time of the year.

    I often tell the Spanish locals that they don´t know what “winter” means, and they agree.

  5. Barbara, we are doing the same thing. We know it rains and floods but we couldn’t afford to retire in the Uk and like someone pointed out, generally the winters are shorter and many days are bright and sunny so its not all bad!

  6. Most foreign residents I know live and work here all year, Fred. I even know retired people who stay here all year, other than the usual holidays. Lucky for those who can go away for months in summer, but people who work and have families here stay for the duration! On the coast I find the summer bearable, as long as you have access to a pool and do what the locals do. We used to live in Barcelona, and it was intolerably hot and humid in August.

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