THE judge investigating embezzlement allegations at the Noos Institute has charged Princess Cristina.

Cristina has been summoned to appear in court on April 27 as part of the case in which her husband, Urdangarin, is being investigated for allegedly taking public funds from a non-profit sports institute.

Judge Jose Castro said his decision was partly motivated by the e-mails supplied by Diego Torres, Urdangarin’s former business partner and co-defendant in the case.

Torres implies that the e-mails, of which several members of the royal household were mentioned or copied in to; indicate that Urdangarin took little action without approval from the palace.

One email from Inaki to Cristina in February 2003 reads: “As you’re online, I’ll send you a letter I have to send for Noos. There are two versions. Clients, collaborators and friends, and the other for Octagon. Read it and tell me what you think”

There are also emails to the ‘Noos Clients’ mailing list, which include the king and queen.

The news comes after Urdangarin, who denies any wrong-doing, released a statement insisting: “The king’s household neither opined on, advised, authorised or backed my activities.”

Under the current law, only the king is awarded complete immunity from prosecution and not summoning Cristina would go against this principle said Judge Castro.


  1. Now the senior ‘Anti-corruption Prosecutor’ (!!) has forced the judge to drop the whole thing ‘as she has nothing to do with the inquiry’.

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