A REPLICA 1799 twin-masted tall ship, the Schooner Pickle, has welcomed her first guests aboard.

The boat – that is an exact replica of a warship that fought during the Napoleonic war – opened for the first time this weekend at Ocean Village.

The original vessel that took part in the Battle of Trafalgar, brought home the sad news of Lord Nelson’s death, but the good news of victory.

Robin James, captained HMS Pickle from Wales to Gibraltar last autumn and has been getting her shipshape.

“Pickle will not be an impersonal film set or theme park devoid of authenticity,” he explains.

“She won’t be full of signs saying ‘don’t touch’ or ‘stay behind this rope’ but instead be utterly hands on.

“Visitors will be able to see and touch weapons, period navigation equipment and the medical instruments of the time such as a saw resembling one that would have been used to amputate Nelson’s arm after he was hit by a musket ball.  Information boards will tell the story and we’ll bring it alive with words and anecdotes.”

Daily tours will explain what life on a wooden warship during the Napoleonic wars was like.

To book online please visit www.schoonerpickle.com.

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