16 Apr, 2013 @ 17:19
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Will my meteorite make me rich?

Meteorite image

AN expat is appealing to Olive Press readers to help her value what she believes is a Martian meteorite.

Axarquia-based Penny Hammond hopes the suspected meteorite will make her a tidy sum should tests prove it to be genuine.

The Rincon de la Victoria resident got in touch with the paper after we reported how a farmer in the north of Spain discovered that a rock he was using to press ham was worth 4m euros.

She had been given the rock as a gift from a neighbour who acquired it while working in India as a civil servant.

Weighing around 165g, the rock is slightly smaller than a golf ball. Hammond said she had done simple tests to check the properties of the rock and is now keen to have it looked at by an expert for confirmation. “If it is what we think it is and our calculations are correct, it could be worth several thousand pounds,” she added.

“I just have no idea who to speak to. Can anyone help?”


  1. Penny, there are dozens of meteorite testing labs online. You’ll have to courier your sample to a laboratory for testing. Some labs will also purchase the meteorite fragment from you, should it actually be one. Good luck.

  2. How can it be the size of a golf ball and she is holding it between her finger and her thumb and WEIGH 165KG ??????????? SOMEBODY IS BEING A BIT THICK HERE I THINK…..DON’T YOU?????????????????????

    Surely you mean grames!!!!!!!

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