BOEING’S new 787 Dreamliner made a flying visit to Malaga today.

The plane took off from the Norwegian capital Osla this morning and flew into Malaga this afternoon with 287 passengers on board.

Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol – hosted the landing of the flagship model, where airport director, Salavador Merino, met with officers from Oslo Airport, Norwegian ministry of transport ministers and air navigation.

The B-787 Dreamliner shows off numerous advances in technology, including the ability to consume fuel more efficiently, while improving the passenger experience.

Its aerodynamic design and materials, used in manufacturing, ensure a 20% fuel reduction and at least a drop by 60% in its acoustic impact, compared to other similar planes, it will also generate less carbon emissions.

Capacity: 291 passengers
Length: 56.72 meters
Wingspan: 60.12 meters
Height: 16.92 tall

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