6 Sep, 2013 @ 10:49
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Topless tactics by Spanish feminist pressure group


A SPANISH pressure group has launched an anti-sexism campaign.

Protestors from feminist outfit Femen will bare their breasts in an effort to highlight issues including domestic violence and abortion.

The protest is inspired by the group’s slogan, ‘our weapons are bare breasts’.

Members will first travel to Paris to receive training in how to behave when faced with resistance from the police.

“We do not insult, we do not strike out, we do not bite police officers,” explains Femen founder, Inna Shevchenko.

“We are not fighting them, we simply offer resistance because we do not agree with being arrested.”


  1. Why do they need to “protest against domestic violence”. Simply leave, and don’t go back. Why do they need to “protest against abortion”. Simply don’t have one.

  2. While I support their campaign, apart from abortions except for as the result of rape and medical danger reasons, but most definitely not as a birth control method as many have used this abortion action, surely there are all the avenues already that can already be taken to avoid problems.

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