5 Sep, 2013 @ 17:56
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Briton held in custody for inciting violence in Spain

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BRITISH citizen Emilio Esteban has been arrested after trying to encourage people to move from the Gibraltar queues and demonstrate outside police officers homes.

From his base in Madrid Esteban, set up a website and published pictures of Guardia Civil and National Police officers’ faces, calling them ‘criminals’ and ‘torturers’ because of their stringent car inspections at the border.

The website calls for all those who have been affected by the delays to protest outside the homes of the officers pictured.

Esteban is in custody in Madrid and has been informed he must close the website.

Minister for the interior Jorge Fernández Díaz said that anyone organising these protests or ‘insulting’ police officers will face ‘the maximum possible consequences’.


  1. I think the authorities of Gibraltar should avoid aggression and intimidation of wich Spanish cops are victims: stone throwing, harassment with TV cameras, etc..

    Would be necesary to close the fence ?

  2. I think it has been well established that the stone and egg throwing incident was carried out by Spaniards in the motor cycle lane most of them having finished work and just trying to get home. As for cameras, Im sure every person in these ques has a mobile phone with a camera, and the ease to upload them to Youtube. Do you suggest that the Gibraltar police confiscate them all before being allowed to join the Que? If the Guardia Civil at the border feel victimised over these little incidents they are in the wrong job. Gibraltar police are quite happy to pose for pictures with tourists or even visiting Spanish TV cameras, they have nothing to be ashamed of. BTW I do not agree with what this person did on his website and he was quite rightly arrested, also there is not one person listed on the Gibraltar Phone directory with the second name Esteban, and if there was he would most likely have an English first name.

  3. the spanish pólice are not at falt they have a job to do so you can not point the finger at them they are only doing what they are being told to do if rayoy and is men tell them to stop every car to go and out of Gibraltar what can they do not much dont you think

  4. Its just all the same problems as the Falklands .the Junta tryed to use the islands to keep the peoples minds off the mess of the countrys unemployment etc ..Now its Madrid doing the same with Gibraltar .keeps the spanish people from thinking to much about how there Govt has destroyed there country ..I do think you all already know that anyway .

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