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Kiddy cures

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WHY is it, in the first few days of kids going back to school they bring home more than just homework?

Whether it is sniffles, sore throats, not to mention head lice(!) be prepared with some herbal remedies.

Rather than using antibiotics as the first port of call, improve your child’s natural immunity with a course of echinacea.

Always use one that is specially formulated for children.

Elderflower tea is a great immune booster as well as being anti-viral and is easily found on supermarket shelves.

All the berry fruits are packed full of vitamin C and are usually liked by all children.

Juiced and with a little honey added you have a power house of vitamins and anti-oxidants to fight any sore throat or sniffle.

To treat those creepy crawlies – head lice that are fast becoming resistant to chemical shampoos, use either neem oil or tea-tree oil.

Many herbal shampoos are now based on both oils and are simple to use and don’t require combing through with the dreaded nit comb!

As head lice breathe through a hole in their sides, you can suffocate them by applying olive oil to the hair and leaving it on for several hours, then simply wash out.

However, this does not always remove the eggs, which must be removed in order to break the cycle and are sadly best removed by combing out.

Cuts and scrapes from the playground are easily and effectively treated with calendula cream, often combined with Hypericum in over the counter ointments.

Children running riot around the house just before bed-time – sound familiar?

Well to calm excitable children, add a chamomile and lavender tea-bag to their evening bath.

This will work wonders and while they are bathing have a cup of the tea yourself so that peace and serenity abounds, better than reaching for the wine!

Children’s ailments can easily escalate into something serious so always consult a medical practitioner if you are in anyway concerned.

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