AMENDMENTS to the Criminal Code means there are tougher sentences for certain crimes.

Custodial sentences have been given an overhaul and life imprisonment can now mean life.

Punishable by prison

  • Making any child under the age of 16 watch or witness pornographic material or sexual acts – consenting or otherwise.
  • Knowingly possessing or accessing child pornography or ‘realistic’ images of minors in sexual acts, even if not real children were not involved.
  • Negligently or deliberately causing the death of a healthy domestic animal is punishable by 18 months in prison and a ban on owning an animal for between two and four years.
  • Injuring or otherwise mistreating an animal, carries a prison sentence of between three months and one year.

Judges have criticised various parts of the new Criminal Code, which they say is ‘too general and vague’.

Judges for Democracy say too may actions have now been ‘criminalised’ needlessly, including many types of non-violent protests and demonstrations or ‘peaceful popular dissidence’.

They have complained that other parts of the Criminal Code are too lenient, particularly where maximum sentences for given crimes are less than two years, since first-time offenders do not have to go to jail where their custodial term is two years or fewer.

They have applauded the new Criminal Code’s tightening-up on piracy of audio-visual, artistic and literary material, since they say the arts and culture industries are suffering as a result of the practice.


  1. Causing the death of a healthy animal carries a prison sentence of 18 months, very good. But banned from keeping an animal for 2 to 4 years? Do they really think that someone who has done this once will change in that time? The ban should be for life!

  2. stefanjo: “On the face of it, these new laws mean bull-stabbers can get up to a year in the nick for their “fun”. Bet there’ll be a loophole you could drive a toreador through…”
    It’s already been officially established that bull-fighting counts as part of the cultural heritage of Spain, Portugal and parts of France; it was confirmed by the European Parliament (or do I mean commission?) this year. It’s subsidised at national and at European levels; breeders also receive subsidies, just like other cattle breeders.

    Mr. Stevens: “The animal cruelty comments points on this article make no sense at all for what goes on. i.e. the hunting dogs killed.”
    Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Not that particularly think you should be or want an answer, but there’s nothing logical about keeping farm animals in horrific conditions (or even in good conditions) and then killing them and chopping them up to be eaten – or made into catfood or dogfood for humans’ pets. It’s totally bonkers. Nearly all farmers, all slaughtermen, all meat-eaters would be in jail!
    D’you know what percentage of hounds are killed, or how?
    How much d’you know about greyhounds in Ireland or the U,.K? Or other dogs in the U.K. and what percentage are killed or why?
    We’re very selective and conditional in our animal-loving.

    No anti-cruelty-to-animals laws make sense

  3. Destruida: What can’t you grasp? From the article ‘Injuring or otherwise mistreating an animal, carries a prison sentence of between three months and one year.’

    That was all I was saying must be nonsense then, in the specific point about killing/hanging thousands of hunting dogs.

    Does this register?

  4. “Does this register?”
    Your rudeness registers, as do your lack of knowledge concerning the the subject and your difficulties of comprehension and the fact that anglophone expats can’t discuss anything without being spiteful and aggressive, so I’ll git orf yer land now.

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