22 Sep, 2013 @ 21:18
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Torremolinos Town Hall bans animal lovers from feeding cats


FOR over 15 years Esperanza Arribas and her fellow animal lovers in the association Malaga Felina have fed, neutered and arranged vet visits for a colony of cats that live on the outskirts of Torremolinos.

But in an act that is a virtual death sentence, Torremolinos Town Hall has begun fining anyone who feeds the animals.

Esperanza told the Olive Press “I don’t understand it. In this year alone we have neutered more than 600 cats. They aren’t close to any buildings and they aren’t bothering anyone and we make sure the food is out of sight.  But now the Town Hall has decided to effectively starve the cats to death. They claim that there is a local ruling that prohibits feeding them, but there is also the national  Animal Protection Law that bans this type of maltreatment. I’m shocked and worried about what will happen to the cats. ”


Giles Brown

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  1. The problem is not too many animals but too many humans who think they can cast animals off when they grow tired of them. You will notice we don’t cull or neuter humans when they become a nuisance.

  2. Like how Fred looks up phrases like ‘ad hominem’ to be as pompous as possible but can’t spell coherently. Damn I’ve turned into a petulant child too. Sorry everyone.


  3. Mr Stevens,
    how do you know Fred is ‘housebound’ what a stupid comment – best to keep on taking the meds.

    It is of course the Spanish who abandon cats and dogs. When we lived in Galicia the local women fed the abandoned cats – why – because they kept down the rats and mice. When I suggested that the cats could be caught and neutered so that they would eventually die out completely they were dead against the idea.

  4. Don’t blindly slag off the ‘Spanish’ in general Stuart you rude individual.

    Fred must be housebound to be on here all the time whenever you come on to read things.. he’s always there lol.

  5. “Fred must be housebound to be on here all the time”

    Nah, I have the OP (mobile app). There’s an app for everything, but unfortunately not one to make you post an intelligent reply to anything Mr Stevens. Cats or Rats, I know what I prefer.

  6. Wonder how much it will cost the Torremolinos council to hire the Pied Piper of Hamlyn in a couple of years from now.

    Don’t get me wrong, too many stray cats, uncared for, is bad, but if they are being vaccinated, neutered and their fleas are taken care of there is nothing better to keep other much more dangerous disease carrying vermin, like RATS!! And they wouldn’t cost as much as Mr. Pied Piper, if he is still around. They also take care of other repulsive disgusting insects like cockroaches and other creepy crawlies. They hunt at night and usually sleep around during the day, so their good work goes unnoticed until they are not there.

    Cats are the cleanest animals around, they wash themselves clean, wash each other where they cant reach, and dig and then cover their poo. We don’t even have to train owners to pick up after them, like we have to after dogs. So maybe a good rethink would be the order of the day.

    Coming from a non cat lover, but from experience, that should give them something to mull over.

  7. Ermmmm Sorry Mr. Stevens. I am actually advocating that a colony or two of neutered, vaccinated and de-parasitized cats would be a good thing. In fact I believe the “ayuntamiento” should foot the bill for having a colony of feline “rat-busters” in the area, much cheaper in the long run for the council itself too. But if these ladies of the Malaga Felina Association are willing to pick up the tab they should not be made to stress out on what will happen to their cats. They seem to be doing a good enough job already. If you get rid of the predators, the mice and rats will play, and what is worse, multiply at an alarming rate. Everyone and everything has a purpose in life and nature.

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