23 Sep, 2013 @ 17:01
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Arrest warrants for Franco-era crimes

Dictator Francisco Franco

ARGENTINA has issued arrest warrants for four Franco-era officials who have been accused of torture.

The four accused are Jesús Muñecas Aguilar, a former member of the Civil Guard; Celso Galván Abascal, one of Francisco Franco’s former bodyguards; and Juan Antonio González Pacheco and José Ignacio Giralte González, former members of the Brigada Político-Social, the arm of the Spanish police responsible for political repression during the dictatorship.

Three people came forward to claim they were tortured by these individuals and hope that the warrants will bring them to justice.

One victim said she wanted “everyone to know who these people are and what they did.”

As a result of the arrest order, the four accused face detention by Interpol if they attempt to leave Spain. In Argentina, their alleged crimes would carry sentences of eight to twenty-five years in prison.


  1. Stefanjo,
    it’s worth bearing in mind that less than 1/2 of 1% of all sub-human Austrian/German Fascists suffered any punishment at all after WW11. The Nazis in authority were re-instated by the Brits and Americans.

    Only those ‘nasty’ Communists executed Nazis when they found them or worked them to death in labour camps (real justice) for up to 10 years after WW11.

    The fact that Jack Straw is Jewish and let Pinochet go is really puke enducing.

  2. I think we have to assume that these accusers are just three of the few who survived the reign of terror set up by Franco, and the Franco-ists just four of the hundreds involved in widespread murder and torture. They were the ‘tip of the iceberg’.
    We’ll probably never know how many people suffered under that regime.
    The terror was on such a large scale that to compare it with N. Ireland is somewhat irresponsible to say the least. I’d prefer much stronger words but hesitate to use them publicly.

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