A TOWN in Andalucia is hoping to increase government transparency through greater use of social media.

Authorities including the town hall and police have been ordered to start a Twitter account by the mayor of Jun in Granada.

City council agenda items will be gathered using the site and a live feed will be available during public meetings.

Residents are being encouraged to contact the town hall via social media, with Twitter handles being displayed on everything from police uniforms to dustbin lorries.

Mayor José Antonio Rodríguez is also encouraging people to contact him directly, promising to answer questions about issues affecting the town.

Rodríguez hopes the move will make the local authorities more accountable and accessible to residents.

All municipal employees must now have a Twitter account.


  1. I agree with Fred, immediate social media is the worst form of communication, especially when said behind devices or computers, somehow feeling the need to either put people down or boast.

    Our new generations need to get out and about more.

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