FLAMENCO is typically inspired by themes of hardship and injustice.

So the flamenco-singing ex-mayor of Alcaucin will have plenty of material if anti-corruption authorities get their way.

Jose Manuel Martin Alba could face a life sentence if found guilty of various charges including fraud, bribery and perverting the course of justice.

The former town hall boss is one of 49 people facing charges relating to the Arcos corruption case.

Other allegations against him include cohersion, money laundering and false accounting.

During his time as mayor, Alba authorised the construction of over 1,100 illegal homes on rustic land.

Alba’s family – including his two daughters – and friends are also under investigation.

When the accusations against him were first made, Alba announced that he intended to emulate the famous singer El Farraquito and dedicate his life to flamenco.

“I am no longer interested in politics,” he said.

“I want to dedicate myself to singing which is my art.”


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