CHINESE Golf fanatics were earlier this month in Andalucia for a business trip across the region and already promised to come back.

The round trip was organized by the Spanish Tourism Office (OET) in Beijing, to familiarize the Chinese market with the offer of golf tourism in the region.

The visitant group was formed by the president and analyst of the OET accompanied by 13 participants of the Spanish Golf Circuit in China, an event that spreads across the country’s most influential cities, from Beijing to Shanghai.

The group was welcomed by Dolores Bravo, Deputy of Employment and Innovation of Sevilla, who lectured the visitors about the technical characteristics of the fields and about the complementary services offered around the region.

With initiatives like this, Miss Bravo intends to attract a tourist profile known for its high purchasing power. In return, the members of the trip already expressed their will to return with family and friends.

In 2012, the golf sector attracted more than half a million people to Sevilla. The golf tourist spending is also higher than other segments: an average of €171 per person each day.


  1. Spain should welcome the Chinese as much as possible! Come on holiday, come and live here permanently, come and have as many children as you like! Buy Spain’s empty houses! Start up businesses! …anything to stop the continual no hope whinging drudgery.

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