FOREIGN and domestic investors are snapping up repossessed properties in Spain to rent out.

Buyers stand to make a killing in the market, with prices sitting at around 70% below original value, and new legislation offering landlords a range of financial incentives.

Under the new law, rental rates have been de-linked from inflation and may now be increased by the landlord more frequently.

It also reduces the duration of leases and the waiting time for evicting non-paying tenants.

Foreign owners renting out their property to working people under 30 can even claim tax relief ranging from 60% to 100% on the rental income.

At the same time, demand for rental property is likely to increase over the coming years as tax breaks for individual home buyers have been stopped, making it more difficult for those wanting to get onto the property ladder.

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  1. Sounds great ?!! Now IF Owners could:
    Be CERTAIN renters have the money to pay the rent and
    DO pay the rent regularly and on time and
    The Police/Judicial system evicts Non-payer renters before
    the Owner’s Mortgage payments run out… or die of old age!
    The Buyers have to be crazy, dumb or just stupid. Many less risky investments of $$ are obvious!

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