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British man ripped off by car transportation company

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A BRITISH man claims he has been ripped off to the tune of thousands by a dodgy car transportation company he used to repatriate his vehicle.

Chris Mullender, from Preston, hired Eurocar Transporters in March this year, expecting the job to take just five days.

But after a series of disasters, including the arrest of the transportation truck driver, and the loss of both his car and its key, he didn’t see his car again for six months.

Pensioner Mullender, who recently moved back to the UK from Fuengirola, said: “After the driver was arrested on the advice of Eurocar Transporters boss Peter Green I employed a second company, Transco, to complete the shipping.

“I agreed, before being told my car had gone missing. When it was eventually tracked down by the police a few weeks later I was told the arrested truck driver had lost my key.

“Once I had sourced a replacement I thought my troubles would be over, but that wasn´t the end of it and I still didn´t get my car back.

“A month or so later I found out it was being held at the port in Felixstowe, along with six other vehicles, because Green had not paid the second driver, and so the could be taken no further without the payment.”

Eventually, he ended up having to shell out another €800 to a third firm to bring the vehicle back.

When Mullender took up the matter with Green, things turned nasty.
“I had numerous conversations with Green, and on every occasion he tried to exonerate himself of responsibility for the payment.

“I had tried to contact Green via email, but in his replies he became threatening, saying things like ´I know where you live´

“It is disgrace. I didn’t know where my car was for six months.

Eurocar Transporters has since been wound up, and Green himself is now going by the name Ian Burg.

He runs another company, Car Transportation, which he claims bought out Eurocar Transporters.

When the Olive Press contacted Burg, he said the issues with Mullender´s car had arisen because the car had been too full to move onto the lorry that was dispatched following the arrest of the original driver.

He said: “We were unable to move the car because it had too much stuff in it. It had been loaded onto the original truck by a pulley, but the second truck didn´t have one.”

When questioned about his change of name, he said: “My name is Peter Ian Greenburg.”

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  1. I know Mr P.Green from back in 2008 /9…when he ran a Car transport company widely advertised in Sur in English….a change of name both company and personal is nothing new to the Coast….. just beware… use a well established company with a track record… you pay peanuts you get what you get.. a sad fact.

  2. This company euro car transporter stole my car as well , and charged me £600 for the pleasure of it , still have no car not found it yet and driver on the missing now on the island of Ibiza !!!!!!

  3. In May I responded to an ad in The Informer and spoke to a man who called himself Paul Sharpley. His company, TFB Transport claim, on their website(tfbtransport.com) :

    ‘Our service is 100% trouble free, so you can be reassured that your vehicle will get delivered safely and securely to and from Spain.

    With TFB Transportation you can rest assured you will experience the utmost in reliability, efficiency and professionalism throughout every step of the car transportation process.

    We pride ourselves in providing a seamless journey for your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind that your car or motorbike is being looked after and delivered to you ready for its next journey’

    In short, he took my money and scarpered! He didn’t collect my car (thankful for small mercies!) and has failed to respond to my many messages. He did answer his phone once when he told me there had been a death in his family and he would call me back the next day. Of course he didn’t!

    I have reason to believe he also trades under other names including Alicante Airport Parking and Property 360, which became insolvent after fraud allegations in 2012.

    Question 1: how do these people sleep at night?
    Question 2: how do you find someone you can trust?

    Final thought: I wonder what TFB stands for?
    Total F……. B……..

  4. I have just recently been scammed too – only last month. It was only £100, but he mustn’t be allowed to carry on getting away with this. I originally contacted TFB with regard to transporting a car to Spain. Luckily I had a cheaper quote and went with them. However, paid this slime ball £100 deposit for long term parking. I understand someone else has recently been scammed by him under TFB, and they have reported him to the police. I am trying to contact him to add to the complaint. It won’t get the £100 back – but this creep needs to be stopped!

  5. Maria. I posted the above regarding TFB. If you go to “www.actionfraud.police.uk” you can complete a form online with all details and they are investigating. Did he get you to transfer the money to Lloyds Bank too? Give the fraud dept full details. The scumbag has contacted me again a few times, asking for my home address in order to send me a cheque!! I told him to do a bank transfer. He agreed 2 weeks ago but hasn’t of course! He also asked if I still want him to transport the car. lol. Keep me informed. Chris

  6. Thanks for that Chris. I will report it on-line as you suggested. Yes, it was the UK bank account I paid into. There is another guy who appears to have been scammed in the same way as you through TFB. I will pass your message to him too. He paid £400 – but then Sharpley left his car at another (reputable) parking place – unbeknown to him – and he has had to pay four months parking charges to them! Cheeky b*****. It wouldn’t surprise me if he actually devised the name TFB as some sort of sick joke to stand for exactly what you think he is! He is just so arrogant!

  7. Well, he still hasn’t sent me the refund he promised!

    Several people have reported him to actionfraud now and I suggest everyone who has been scammed should, as well as complaining to Lloyds Bank, where he has the payments sent. They should take responsibility too but they said they wouldn’t do anything as I was the only person who had complained to them!

    I also have a UK address for him now, so can now issue a county court summons.

    • Hi Chris I to have been scammed by this scum bag,if you have a UK address I would very much like to have it so I might start legal proceedings against him.
      I know he lives in Woodbridge in Suffolk,but he uses so many postal addresses and not his own.
      Regards John

    • Hi John & Chris
      I too have been scammed by this chap (see my post below).
      If you have an address for him, I would like to know. As mentioned, I used to be a commercial litigator so could assist in Court proceedings, if this is this is cosidered desirable.

  8. Chris
    I too am trying through the courts to collect money from Sharpley. You say you have a UK address for Sharpley, would you pass it on to me please


  9. Sorry Lloyd. Not been on here for a while. Don’t want to put his details on here but will pass on what I know if you let me know your email address. if it goes to court, maybe we can all do a joint action against him. He is on facebook by the way!

  10. This is quite an old story so I do not know whether anyone is still around.

    I too have been ripped off by TFBtransport and Paul Sharpley. I paid him to tansport my car, but he did collect it.

    If anyone has details of his UK address (see Chris

    August 16th, 2014 8:28 pm), I would appreciate receiving these details. There is mention of a possible class action, as a former commercial litigation lawyer, I may be able to assist in that regard.

    If anyonwe has details, i would appreciate hearing from them


  11. Does anyone know where this guy is now, I worked for him in a garage in Pilar de la Horradada in Spain and never got paid, he made every excuse not to meet me.

  12. we are a reputable car transport company Winns Transport Ltd that goes to and from Spain to the uk and we transported numerous cars for peter green and we still have not been paid and cannot find out where he is?

    any help would be appreciated.

  13. Any update on Paul Sharply I think we have had dealings with him here in the UK in a different capacity, but still on the surface potential scam too. Our address for him matches the areas that you were all mentioning. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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