MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ says that organizing the Andalucian Open cost him more than €2 million over the last four years, and will be unable to bring the tournament to life in future without help from sponsors.

The Churriana born golf veteran – rankled in the top 100 worldwide – claims that losing €700,000 on the 2012 tournament alone forced him to abandon plans for a 2013 tournament.

Jimenez said that while he broke even on the first two, he was later forced to dip into his own finances to bankroll the tournament.

He said, “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t squander my whole life, my whole career, when no one else is around to take up the baton.”

The 49-year-old is the oldest ever winner on the European Tour, having triumphed at the Hong Kong Open.

He has now opened a golf academy in Torremolinos, which – complete with driving range, pitch and putt and nine-hole course – aims to help players of all ages improve their game.


  1. I give you great credit for trying often to make this a success.. to no avail. Drop it unless you get a GUARANTEE of substantial financial support from a Sponsor who will meet their committment. The local & regional governments have failed to pay for their needed Hospitals (!) so forget them.

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