11 Feb, 2014 @ 17:06
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Foreign investors even more confident about Spanish property investment

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FOREIGN INVESTORS have done a dramatic U-turn on Spanish property investment, with two thirds now believing Spain has attractive buying opportunities.

A total 67% of participants in an Urban Land Institute and PwC survey said they were feeling more confident about investing in the country.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager for leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey Espana comments, “It is very encouraging to see the experts such as the Urban Land Institute and PwC highlighting the turnaround which Spain has undergone and the vast potential which remains. We have been saying for some months now that the situation, especially within the second homes market, is steadily improving.

“Last year we at Taylor Wimpey Espana recorded our best year since 2006 in terms of sales volume and you only have to look at the vast sums being invested into real estate by both private individuals such as Bill Gates and large investment funds, to see that ‘good opportunities’ still do exist in Spain.“

Claire Wilson

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  1. No real businessman will believe this hyperbole. Spain is and will continue to be in deep do do until the Government stop inviting foreigners in then taxing them to the hilt or inviting them in then telling them they cant rent their property out.

    This Government have no business sense so try to drum up votes via Francoist measures. May attract many grannies and gransmas but shouldn’t sway the youth who cant find jobs.

  2. Oh dear OP, you seem to have missed the headline news that the Spanish Government together with the Junta have recently announced their 100% guarantee that ALL properties, that have been granted a building licence are now totally and irreversibly legal, with market value compensation for those already displaced.

    Oops, sorry, I was just fantasising. Of course this is just (once again) real estate hype. Nothing has changed, nor will it change until they all cotton on to the reality.

  3. Anyone who bought in TW’s new developments in last 5 years is nursing a loss in value, and all TW’s re-sales are now competing with their own new develoments!

    It’s completely wrong to try to mislead people into thinking it’s a good time to invest in Spain yet.

    Buyer Beware!

  4. Oh no, not that old chestnut…. again. Does this mean that the market is so good we can finally sell our place in Spain without making a loss even though we have owned it for over 10 years? Are the Junta de Andalucia going to grow some and legalise all the so called “illegal” properties? Will the central government relax the punative tax laws making Spain an attractive place to invest? Will they stop slapping massive plus valia bills on people years after they have sold their properties (at a loss of course). Will the incoming holiday rental licencing laws work effectively and not cost home owners an arm and a leg to set up?

    Unless and until we get the right answers to the above questions, Spain will not be a good place to invest and the property market will remain where it is, rock bottom. Yet again, someone somewhere is putting out bogus stats to make themselves feel better.

    Of course it could all be so very different if Spain could get its act together. The UK housing market is well and truly back on track (some would say booming) and the economic outlook is good. After the dreadful winter we have had, many people will be looking to buy property in a better climate – Spain could clean up. What a waste.

  5. Stuart Crawford,

    You see, everyone is at it. Lets invest to make a few bucks.

    But what has not been mentioned are the people that have not invested to make a few bucks but to retire into a warm climate country where quality of life is perhaps better than what they had left in the U.K or they would not have retired into Spain.

    Not all Villa’s and apartments are illegal. I know of thousands of apartments and Villa’s that are legal.

    Last Sunday week I happened to drive along the promenade of
    Fuengirola, nothing but blocks of apartments and Hotels.

    So could we please, in future, have a more positive side to living in Spain as every country has a down-side, even in a place that was once hailed as England.

  6. Mike or Mick,

    Could you explain what you mean by saying.

    “It’s completely wrong to try to mislead people into thinking
    it’s a good time to invest in Spain yet”.

    Do you mean to make profit or to make a life in Spain.

    Just wondering.

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