A MAYOR has been forced to resign after it was revealed he spent double the market rate on sports and computer equipment via a family firm.

Jose Antonio Gutierrez spent €27,000 of town hall money on a supply company that his brother worked for.

The Sedella mayor has now stepped down after the opposition IU party received documents that proved that the 16 computers he paid €15,000 for are actually only worth €6,000.

He also spent €12,000 on sports equipment through the company 12 Estrellas Doradas.

The IU alleges that the computers supplied were, in fact, obsolete.

It also discovered that the administrator of the company is the mayor’s brother, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez Gutiérrez.

Furthermore no other companies were invited to quote for the supply of the equipment.

José Antonio Gutierrez resigned as mayor when he was informed that these documents were about to come to light.

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  1. Fred,
    your post is spot on except that it also happens in towns and cities as well. I saw a lot of this both in Galicia and in Guadix, so many Spanish do not realise or refuse to accept that this a cancer eating away at the very fabric of their society. If 5 years of austerity hav’nt changed the mindset then nothing will.

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