ROBBIE Williams and other international artists have stopped including Spain in their global tours, after crippling tax rises.

Artists, promoters and music fans have slammed a crippling rise in VAT (iva) in 2012 that led to a massive 29% drop in income from concerts last year.

The Music Promoters Association (APM) announced that income from concerts and festivals fell by a huge €59.1 million in the 12 months following an increase of VAT (iva) in September 2012.

The gross turnover also fell over the 12 months, from €223 million to €177 million, a decrease of 20.53%.

The industry losses will cost the state treasury €30 million, according to estimates by APM.

The rise saw concert and festival tickets applicable to apply 21% in iva, when previously they had just 8%.

The APM voiced concerns about the effect these losses will have on the music industry in Spain, including fewer tour dates from international artists.

Many musicians – including Robbie Williams – no longer include Spain in their global tours because prices have ‘ceased to be competitive’, according to APM president, Pascual Sala.

According to leading music promotion company Doctor Music, which organises tours for Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, musicians now perform fewer concerts in order to be more selective over venues and reduce risks.

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