THE coalition between the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the United Left (IU) is creeping ever closer to collapse.

Following conflict sparked this week over the public works department, Antonio Maillo, the IU coordinator, has announced a ‘momentary suspension of their agreement.’

The announcement comes after Socialist premier – and head of the Andalucian Junta – Susana Diaz this week stripped powers from the IU-controlled public works department.

A statement published by the Socialist party on Friday has removed the public works department’s power, overseen by IU member Elena Cortes, to decide who receives subsidised housing.

The conflict originated when 22 squatter families were evicted from the bank-owned building known as ‘La Utopia’ in Seville.

Having lived there illegally for two years, the families set up camp in front of the City Hall following their eviction.

As a temporary solution, the Andalucian public works and housing department began distributing keys to public housing units among the families.

Maillo made it clear on Friday that he blames Susana Diaz for the current conflict.

“The decree that was published this morning has created a crisis in the government,” he said, standing alongside the IU’s national general coordinator, Cayo Lara.

“If we had made a mistake, we would have fixed it,” he added. “But there have been no errors.”

Lara added: “The public works department has acted following the strict letter of the law – not only with the rehousing, but also with all of its actions to protect people who are suffering because of evictions.

“There has been a scrupulous respect for legality, one that has never before been seen in the history of the region.”

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  1. Can you imagine having your house demolished by someone as gormless and downwardly mobile as this geezer in the picture?

    They get off on making people homeless, it’s what do best, I’m sure the Priors would agree. Kick them out.

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