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Spain’s Andalucia won by PSOE in municipal elections as Vox decimated and PP take control of Costa del Sol

THE PSOE has achieved the largest share of Andalucia’s municipal votes, continuing its upward rise. The Socialist party achieved 37% of the region’s votes, compared...

Left-wing politician brutally murdered in Spain

A LEFT-wing politician has been found brutally murdered in Spain. Izquierda Unida councillor Javier Ardines, 52, was found next to his van, some 150 metres...

‘Drug-taking advice’ pamphlet by Spain town hall tells users to ‘crush their cocaine properly’ after comparing it to paracetamol

A SPANISH town hall has released a pamphlet offering advice on how to take drugs 'properly'.  The local government, a coalition of leftist parties Podemos, Izquierda...

Sevilla mayor says he ‘wants to see Romanians shot’ while trying to calm racial tensions

A SEVILLA mayor has told residents he wants to see Romanians shot while trying to calm racial tensions in his town.  Antonio Nogales was instructing...

Marbella’s PP government blasted for seeking additional €36 million in budget ahead of next year’s local elections

MARBELLA'S conservative government has been blasted for seeking an extra €36 million from the Hacienda for next year's budget. The Partido Popular and OSP (San...

Podemos cracks begin to appear

IU pact shows Podemos’ imperfections

Spain will repeat general election on June 26 as King Felipe dissolves parliament

King Felipe signed a decree dissolving the current parliament in a bid to break the political stalemate

Last ditch attempt to form government

Politicians meet royalty for final effort to form government

Pablo Iglesias tells king he will demand deputy prime minister role in government

Podemos leader prepared to enter left-wing 'coalition of change' with PSOE and IU

IU backs left-wing coalition as Pedro Sanchez holds PM talks in Portugal

Radical party wants 'totally different direction' as PSOE leader looks to Lisbon coalition for guidance

Pablo Sanchez tops list of hunky Spanish politicians

However Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias was up at arms at his exclusion and voiced his anger on Twitter

British expat becomes first ever foreign councillor in Manilva

British expat Dean Tyler Shelton is ‘over the moon’ after he was voted in as a councillor in the May 24 local elections

Meet the expats standing in the upcoming local elections

THE expat vote could have X-Factor repercussions in town halls up and down Spain, raising foreigners themselves to the hot seats of power. With the...

PP spend more on local election campaigns than all other parties put together

PP party budget stretches to a huge €20.5 million

PSOE Junta boss Susana Diaz: ‘I am going to govern alone’

Despite not taking a majority, Diaz has ruled out the possibility of a coalition government in Andalucia

Andalucia Elections: Time for change?

All eyes are on Andalucia in the lead-up to the most fiercely-contested regional elections in decades, with new parties Podemos and Ciudadanos threatening three decades of socialist dominance. Who’s got the X factor? Iona Napier looks at the likely outcome

Antonio Maillo promises bike paths for all towns with 20,000 people if IU win

IU Candidate promises bike paths for all towns with 20,000 people

Law amendment to regulate Spanish 25,000 properties put on fast-track by Junta de Andalucia

Junta to legalize 25,000 irregular homes, just in time for the elections

Podemos threatens Socialist PSOE in Andalucia in latest polls

Most Andalucians would want a coalition of Podemos, IU and Equo

IU party announces ‘momentary suspension’ of coalition with PSOE in Andalucia

Conflict between the two rages, sparked this week by a disagreement over subsidised housing

Manilva mayor refuses to step down

Antonia Muñoz cuts ties with the IU but resists pressure from the coalition to leave office

Self-made man becomes Junta vicepresident

Diego Valderas Sosa was orphaned as a teen and once worked as a gas delivery man

Socialists cling on with help from their friends the communists

Partido Popular win regional elections for first time but Jose Antonio Grinan stays president of the Junta

Spanish pressure groups unite to save Ronda gorge

The green groups are opposing scheme to build 22 houses and a hotel opposite Ronda's famous gorge

PP wins in all provinces in Andalucia

Socialist party suffers a crushing defeat in regional and local elections




Back to its roots: Vegetarian heaven as leading Michelin star joint in Marbella heads back to KM0 menu

A LEADING Andalucia restaurant has launched a brand new tasting menu with just vegetables and fruit. El Lago’s Terra menu is a sustainable tour of...


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