Mayor Pedro Santisteve

A SPANISH town hall has released a pamphlet offering advice on how to take drugs ‘properly’. 

The local government, a coalition of leftist parties Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Equo, Puyalón de Cuchas, Piratas de Aragón and Somos y Demos, has been denounced by mroe conservative parties for ‘inciting drug consumption’.

The ‘brochure’, handed out in Zaragoza, begins by generally defending the legalisation of drugs before offering advice on how best to ingest the drugs most popular among the young in the city.

It reads: “At no time in history or anywhere in the world has there been a human community that has not used psychoactive substances, today we continue to use them every day, all people without exception: alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, diazepam (Valium), alprazolam (Trankimazin), paracetamol (Termalgin), cocaine, amphetamines, psilocybin fungi, coffee, cocoa, etc.”

“It has become clear that the ban on recreational drugs has not their usage, today, informing citizens in a clear and neutral manner is the only solution to avoid some of the problems of drug use.”


After this introduction, the guide lists substance by substance, with abundant details on how they should be consumed correctly.

On cannabis it reads: “Depending on the type of effects sought (more psychedelic, more relaxing, therapeutic for some ailment or specific problem .. .) one type or another of cannabis with the appropriate cannabinoid ratio should be sought.”

On speed: “The dose depends on the physiology of each person and the level of tolerance that has reached the substance. Speed ??lines should be smaller than those of cocaine, because amphetamine is more potent per unit of weight.”

On cocaine: “To make a roller that does not damage the nasal epithelia, it is preferable to used rolled paper or cardboard than tubes or reeds of hard materials.

“Spraying cocaine well (crushing the crystallites well before aspiration) reduces the appearance of hemorrhages and ulcerations in the mucous of the nose.”

The brochure published by the town hall that runs Zaragoza in Common (Podemos, IU and other groups) with its mayor, Pedro Santisteve, has been distributed among, neighborhood associations and youth houses.

The Municipal Partido Popular Group has asked the government team to remove the brochure in which it says drugs are recommended.

The popular spokesman Jorge Azcon said the guide is more like a ‘manual’ for drug use and regretted that ‘illegal drugs are equated with medicines.’


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