A HOUSE in Can Picafort has been put on the market with the option to buy in Bitcoin.

Ibiza’s Palacio Bardaji is for Bitcoin only sale

The property is being sold on idealista.com for 339,000 euros in Bitcoins or Ethereum.

It comes after a home in Tarragona was sold in January for 40 units of bitcoin, equal to more than €550,000.

A luxury 18th-century palace, Palacio Bardaji, is for sale in Ibiza accepting only Bitcoins, 1850 of them.

The six-bedroom and three story building sits inside the World Heritage Ibiza Town site and is the highest and most private point in Ibiza.

There are four other homes currently being marketed around Spain in bitcoin.

One home near Madrid is being sold for 54 bitcoins, while a flat in Barcelona, a house in Sant Andreu and an apartment in Lavapies, in Madrid, make up the rest.

A mansion in London was put on the market for €19 million in November, with the stipulation that the buyer MUST pay in Bitcoin – about 5,050 at the time.

Owner Lev Loginov explained that he was doing it as transactions in Bitcoin are ‘done quicker, and more efficiently’.

He added it was much easier to deal with than using banks, ‘which are putting in unnecessary over-regulation’ on purchases.

A dozen restaurants and businesses in Mallorca already accept payment in bitcoin.

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