PABLO Iglesias is prepared to enter a ‘coalition of change’ with fellow left-wing parties, he has told King Felipe on Friday.

The Podemos leader said he wants the deputy prime minister position if he pacts with the Socialist PSOE and United Left (IU).

DEMAND: Iglesias wants top government role
DEMAND: Iglesias wants top government role

Iglesias, whose party are currently under fire over allegations of a Venezuelan government-funded trip, held face-to-face talks with the king.

The anti-austerity party’s head told a press conference afterwards he would approach PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez about taking the deputy prime minister role in any coalition.

Iglesias said: “We have decided to take the initiative and move a step forward. There’s no time to beat about the bush.”

The meeting came ahead of the prime minister’s investiture session at the end of January or February.

Spain is still without a prime minister following December’s general election where no party won an overall majority of 176 seats.

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