GOOD RESULT: For Rodriguez's Podemos who won 15 seats
GOOD RESULT: For Rodriguez’s Podemos who won 15 seats

THE PSOE have claimed victory in the Andalucia elections, but are eight seats short of a majority and will need to pact with another party. 

Podemos are now front runners to form a coalition with the Socialist party whom they wish to put under the microscope after decades of corruption.

Susana Diaz’s party claimed 47 seats, leaving them needing to agree a pact with another party to remain in power.

The PP dropped 17 seats to 33, while Podemos claimed 15 seats in their inaugural regional election.

Ciudadanos claimed 9 seats, meaning the PSOE could unite with either of the three parties to form a coalition.

The IU however dropped 12 seats to claim just five, with IU leader, Antonio Maillo, calling the result ‘totally unsatisfactory’.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said: “Thanks Andalucia, we move forward.”

This is now the worst result for the Socialist party in Andalucia since 1994.

Current Junta president, Diaz, still described it as an ‘indisputable and historic victory’.

Ciudadanos appeared to rule out a pact with the PSOE with leader Alberto Rivera stating, after the result: “Ciudadanos is not going to be in the Andalucian government as we have not won the elections.”


  1. They might as well Jon, who the hell can tell the difference anyway? In the meantime, Podemos have nothing to be ashamed of, spending only four-hundred grand of crowd-funding to get their result.
    There is STILL hope for Spain, come the national elections.

  2. Can anyone point me in the direction of an informative website or even tell me why I am not allowed to vote in these elections. (Only local elections)??. I live and work and pay my taxes here so why can’t I vote… Also, although I paid my taxes in UK for 20 years I am unable to vote their either… Everyone makes me adhere to their laws but It seems I and many, many other foreigners here in Spain are left without a voice or voting power… It would change things so maybe it is fear? 1 million expats voting for Podemos for example would have rather a large impact on how this country is managed….

    • Because Spain is a banana republic Clive, and in any event they don’t want to let you run their country, do they now? You’ll be able to vote in May for your own mayor. Pop down to your town hall now to make sure you can vote. My Swiss neighbours tell me that they voted in their own countries elections, from Spain, using email, in just 2 minutes. So much for the “European union” – nothing could be further from the truth.

  3. Jane, i don’t think that 1 million expats would vote for podemos, it was an example of what might happen if we were allowed to…. heck, maybe half a million would vote for the green party If I could i don’t even know who I would vote for… I have personal experience of being on the wrong end of all party politics here in Spain and it didnt matter who they were affiliated to.

    My point was that the massive impact on who governs if legally resident tax paying foreingers in Spain were allowed to vote.

    What is clear is that Spain needs a wake up call and it cannot be denied that podemos have done that…

    Fred, very helpful as usual not :) Of course I vote in my local elections but on a local level people vote more for the person rather than the party, especially in a small village. I know several people that vote PP on a national level and PSOE here in Grazalema.

  4. Fred, one of the reasons that I don’t post many comments on the Olive press website is because of your insulting and pedantic attitude towards other people… Why don’t you just shut up for a change or at least say something useful. Nothing in my words has stated that I “didn’t know” about how the voting system works in this country. I simply asked if anyone actually knew why…. banana republic? thats your answer? Very clever lol…. Stop being so sad.

    Note to Olive press admin… Fred is one reason why many interesting discussions here turn into abject rubbish… I would like to contribute more but I and many other people don’t because of this person.

    • Clive, I have not insulted you, I merely told you that you could not vote because of the daft legal system that says you can’t, even though you live and reside here, and pay taxes. The UK law that also stops you voting there is daft as well of course. Other EU citizens can vote from Spain in their own countries of birth. I also told you how you can vote in all the Spanish elections – by becoming Spanish. By the way, you never started an interesting discussion to start with, but I gave you all the answers nevertheless.

      ” I and many other people”

      You talk for all other people now, do you?

  5. Clive, I take your point and I agree that foreign residents should be able to vote in the regional elections and after all, they are paying taxes so they should be able to have a say in how those taxes are being spent. This is only my opinion but I don’t think Podemos are the party to take Spain in the right direction. Cuidadanos are a better option for the protest voter – they are less radical and they have some good economic policies.

  6. I think you are right Jane about Podemos but the trouble is they are cashing in on the corruption and seem to be very organised along with very radical… I think people voted for podemos in Cadiz because Teresa Rodrigues is born and bred Gaditana and people are fed up with Teofila who is not from Cadiz… More than just politics going on there… There is a good chance that Podemos will win Càdiz in the local elections….

  7. I thought Fred was helping you. Anyway, it is corrupt not to give residents a vote, that is how they intend to keep the power and they do not need to worry about what foreigners think (apart for foreigners are not investing money now), keep knocking houses down, scamming them and it does not make any difference as ‘they cannot vote us out…’ One good alternative and all the parties would be finished there. From what Jane has typed Podemos do not seem like a good alternative to me but as I don’t live there so I don’t waste my time reading up about who is less corrupt than the other, they are probably all lying anyway .

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