Junta de Andalucia president Susana Diaz
Junta de Andalucia president Susana Diaz

JUNTA president Susana Diaz has won the Andalucían elections but with the worst result for her socialist party for over 20 years.

The PSOE party got just 35% of the vote as new anti-corruption party Podemos gained an incredible 15 seats.

Now Diaz will have to form a pact with the party that wishes to put her party under the microscope after decades of corruption. Or join up with the 9 seats of the Right of centre Ciudadanos party to stay in power.

In a bad night for Diaz, the insurgent purple force of change got 15% of the vote.

Describing it as a ‘move forwards’ leader Pablo Iglesias thanked Andalucía for its faith in his project.

The party will now look forward positively to the national elections later this year.

It was a worse night for the ruling PP party however, which lost 17 seats, while the IU party also lost 7 seats.

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