FLYING SOLO: Junta de Andalucia president Susana Diaz
FLYING SOLO: Junta de Andalucia president Susana Diaz

PSOE Junta boss Suzana Diaz has ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition government. 

Diaz’s party claimed 47 seats in yesterday’s Andalucia elections, leaving them eight short of a majority.

With the PP taking 33 seats and Podemos claiming 15 it looked as though Diaz would go into partnership with another party.

But it now appears the PSOE will go it alone, as Diaz wants to avoid a repeat of the ‘instability’ of the coalition with the IU that made her call early elections.

“I am going to govern alone,” she said on Monday.

Ruling out entering into a coalition means the PSOE will have to negotiate with the other parties on every bill.

Only the PP and Podemos joining together would result in more seats than the PSOE and that is a pretty unlikely partnership given Podemos’ anti-corruption label.

Diaz added that ‘all parties’ will now have to ‘work together for the good of Andalucia’.



  1. I think there is more to this than meets the eye. The two main parties have been working together recently i.e. the change to the penal code, and I suspect some agreements were thrashed out prior to the election. Could this be an informal grand coalition?

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