MAYOR: Angeles Munoz

MARBELLA’S conservative government has been blasted for seeking an extra €36 million from the Hacienda for next year’s budget.

The Partido Popular and OSP (San Pedro) coalition will formally request €215 million from the fellow PP government within the next 15 days – much more than the €180 million currently allocated.

In their proposal, they will promise to return to a €180 million budget for 2019.

But opposition parties have blasted the move as a cynical attempt to ensure victory at the local elections towards the end of next year.

Parties including the IU say the increased budget will allow the PP coalition to invest heavily in the city and perform upgrades that will appease voters.

Marbella, Costa del Sol

They said it will likely be allowed as the PP are in control on the national level.

Podemos councillor Victoria Mendiola recalled that her party proposed break the spending rule in 2016.

“We were branded radicals by the same PP councilor of Finance that has now taken the same measure,” she said.

The agreement to lower the funds received for 2019 to €180 million will also tie whoever wins next year’s election to a lower budget for the following year.

But if the PP win, they are likely to be granted a higher budget again, opposition parties fear.


The local government approved the initial proposal on Monday.


According to Podemos, the government will use most of the extra funds to privatise municipal services and not to improve them.

“These good managers of the PP and OSP do not manage, but they hire others to do it.

“The services of all become the business of a few,” said a spokesman.

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