MURDERED British gold dealer Andrew Bush allegedly had more than €7000 on him when he was shot twice in the head, it has emerged today.

His model ex-girlfriend Mayka Kukucova, suspected of his murder, allegedly left the money untouched in the 48-year-old’s jacket pocket when she fled the scene.

The 24-year-old Slovakian beauty was arrested in her home country last Tuesday afternoon, after handing herself in to police.

She appeared before a judge at a court in Trencin, Slovakia, last Thursday.

Kukucova has alleged that she is pregnant with Bush’s child.

It is believed that Kukucova will plead self-defence, as she claims that she shot him following a heated row over maintenance for their unborn baby.

Kukucova’s lawyer said that she was not aware that Bush was dead until after she had left Spain, and that she only fled the country because she was scared for her ‘life and health’.

Bush, a millionaire gold dealer from Bristol, was shot at his luxury villa in Estepona on the Costa del Sol two weeks ago, while on a visit with his most recent girlfriend, 21-year-old Maria Korotaeva.

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