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Spanish state received €300 million over 10 years from ‘forgotten’ bank accounts

THE SPANISH state has received around €300 million over a 10-year period from bank accounts or other assets such as shares that have been...

All change? European Commission comes ever closer to scrapping one- and two-euro-cent coins

THE DAYS OF sorting through near-useless one- and two-euro-cent coins among your change could soon be over in Spain and the rest of the...

Man in Spain’s Lugo province finds millions of pesetas hidden in old house but can’t exchange half of them

It’s the dream of anyone who is exploring an old house: finding wads of banknotes stuffed away in hiding places. That’s exactly what happened...

A long weekend of two halves: the agonies and ecstasies of getting married in Gibraltar when the Euros are...

SOMETHING OLD, something new, something borrowed and something blue. That just about sums up our weekend in Gibraltar. Two very important events occurred almost simultaneously as...

Hundreds queue at banks across Spain in last chance to cash in old pesetas

HUNDREDS of people queued along Spain’s streets yesterday in a race to exchange old pesetas for euros ahead of the final deadline.  Wednesday (June 30)...

LUCKY lottery winner returns to work, days after bagging €1 million

A BRICKLAYER has won €1 million but has decided to go back to work.

Number of Spain’s ‘super rich’ millionaires surges by 74% in decade as poorest get poorer

The net wealth of Spain’s poorest 50% has decreased by 4% since 2008

IS IT YOURS?: Police in Spain’s Andalucia search for owner of €400 found in hotel

So far no one has come forward for the cash and police are still searching for the unlucky owner

Abandoned homes photography competition launched on Costa del Sol with hundreds of euros up for grabs

Banks dished out loans to developers, who weren’t concerned if projects flopped, which resulted in €175 billion of wasted housing being abandoned

Village in Spain ‘bewildered’ as Robin Hood mystery figure slides cash envelopes of up to €100 under doors

Some of those benefiting from the surprise cash received messages as well, including one that said, to ‘the princess of the household’

Police bust Benidorm sex club after Polish gang stole thousands by adding zeros to customer’s bills

Three Polish women aged 22, 23 and 27 were among those arrested at the club frequented by Brits

Europe’s biggest EVER cocaine haul seized by Andalucia cops

Nearly nine tonnes of cocaine were found hidden in banana boxes being transported from Colombia

Spain could play in Copa America

Portugal, Japan, China, Mexico and the US are also reportedly being sounded out

The fight for mortgage justice for home owners in Spain

The abusive nature of these contractual clauses, which makes them void, stems from the description made by the Supreme Court

Spain’s biggest companies must repay billions of tax break euros

Telefonica, Santander and energy group Iberdrola are among them

Boost for Euro over Sterling after IMF comments

Columnist Mark Rickard breaks down the current status of foreign exchange

EU grants €10 million to fight immigration at Spain’s borders

Spain is bearing the brunt of immigration from Africa into Europe

Millionaire murdered on the Costa del Sol was carrying more than €7000 when shot

Slovakian model Mayka Kukucova, suspected of his murder, allegedly left the money untouched as she fled the scene

5000 euros for our missing Yorkies!

Pedigree sum on offer for the safe return of two Yorkshire Terriers stolen in Spain

Missing millions

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Jose Luis Maseda disappears as dozens of expats reveal they cannot trace hard earned savings invested through him

Lucky trousers

Winning lottery ticket put in the wash




Zara founder and Spain’s richest man Armancio Ortega at loggerheads with owners of historic Glasgow restaurant over astronomical repair...

SPAIN’S richest man has been attracting the scorn of Scotsmen after being blamed for water leaks that have caused catastrophic damage to a beloved...


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