SOMETHING OLD, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

That just about sums up our weekend in Gibraltar.

Two very important events occurred almost simultaneously as England played Italy in the final of the Euros, and we also tied the knot on The Rock.

Wedding 1
THE BIG DAY: Straight after the big night!

The decision to book a Gibraltar wedding was made in part because of Brexit, after our local ayuntamiento admitted that there could be “unknown delays” and added bureaucracy due to the UK leaving the EU.

Despite both fiancé, Nicola, and I having Spanish residency, it was decided not to risk it, and Gibraltar registry office were only too happy to oblige without fuss.

That it coincided with the championship’s climax, only started to matter after England thumped Ukraine 4-0.

The prospect of a potential place in the final alone was mouthwatering, but what if we could go on and win?

It would certainly make for unique dinner party conversations in the future when the ubiquitous “where were you when…?” question crops up.

“Something old” was how I felt after driving down the 600 km from home in Alicante province.

A new car can make you FEEL younger, but it only hides the reality of middle age with a (passion red metallic) veneer

“Something new” was the fact that the England men’s football team did reach a major final for the first time in recent history.

POPULAR: Casemates Square, Gibraltar

A night spent in Casemates Square saw thousands of supporters cheering on the national team with fervour, humour and passion.

“Something blue” wasn’t the despondency or inevitability of the penalty shootout result, but the disgusting treatment of our own players by so-called fans afterwards.

Those that abused black players online should be traced and dealt with accordingly.

Sancho Etc

And the grown men that punched and kicked young Italy fans in Wembley stadium should be named, shamed and jailed.

There is no place and no reason for such shameful behaviour in today’s society – none whatsoever.

Still, the wedding went without any drama, and everything went to plan.

As for “something borrowed”?

After Sunday, let’s  hope it’s racism … living on borrowed time.

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