A BRICKLAYER has won €1 million but has decided to go back to work.

Sebastian Sanchez, who lives on the Costa del Sol, won the lottery a couple of days ago, but has already returned to work.

The man from Frigiliana has worked as a bricklayer his whole life – since he was 13 – and isn’t prepared to give it up.

It was last Tuesday afternoon when Sanchez and his nephew bought their lottery scratch cards.

He started scratching and “suddenly many zeros started appearing, I got very nervous and said, ‘what is this,’” he recalls.

David Martinez, who was the man responsible for selling Sanchez the golden ticket, then proceeded to pass the ticket through his machine to confirm the winnings.

“He began to spin, he sat with his hands on his head, this gave me tremendous joy, because it is the first time I’ve been responsible for such a prize,” explained the scratch card seller.

After tax deductions, the 53-year-old will have €800,000 in his bank account.

The father of two however has made it clear that he will continue working hard and will be smart with his newfound wealth: “For now, I will continue working, it’s what I’ve been doing all my life.

“The bank has already contacted me and told me I should go in and talk to them, but I don’t want to rush, I will think long and hard about what to do with the money.”

When asked why he didn’t want any pictures of himself in the media, he replied: “I don’t want photos, I’m too ugly to be in the paper.”

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