THE best-kept patios in Spain are opening to the public in May, to show off how they earned their UNESCO status.

Cordoba’s annual Patio Festival – run since 1921 – has proved so popular in recent years that the Town Hall has had to begin issuing tickets to limit numbers.

Patio owners embark in a heated competition to find the most beautiful gardens in two categories, traditional and modern.

Tourists can lose themselves in the tiny backstreets of the old town, and chat to the creators of the spectacular hidden gardens.

The patios are characteristic of Cordoba’s architecture, as the houses grow up around and branch off the central space.

Running between May 5 and 18, competing patios are open mornings from 11am to 2pm, and from 6-10pm Sunday to Thursday, and 6pm-12am Friday and Saturday.

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  1. We have greatly enjoyed seeing this event 3 times in Cordoba. The dedication, gardening skills and creative presentations of the patio Owners are truly impressive.
    We always recommend this event to our friends and family.
    And just near the Mosquite, Restaurante Cabellero Roja and the Old Town…. a beautiful, full day out in Old Spain

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