A COLOMBIAN man has been arrested in Benidorm after his sandwich was found to be filled with cured ham, cheese and over 100 grams of cocaine.

Police detained the 29-year-old at a bus station in the popular tourist resort, on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The photo released by the police shows a white bread sandwich with nine small plastic cylinders sprinkled over cured ham and a small slice of cheese.

After he was arrested, police found over a kilo of cocaine, as well as cannabis, at his home in Benidorm. They also arrested his roommate, 20, another Colombian national.

Spain has become a popular entry point for cocaine into Europe, particularly that arriving from South America.

In the port city of Algeciras, pineapples stuffed with 2,500kg of cocaine have been discovered in a ship container by Guardia Civil officers.

The ‘special’ cargo had been sent from Costa Rica, but was located by border police upon its arrival in the city.

Four men have since been arrested, after officers followed the cargo up to Madrid.


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