AN IRANIAN man is being investigated for complaints that he psychologically abused and threatened nine women who lived with him in his luxury Marbella pad.

The women filed a joint complaint against Soha Sohai, claiming they each had a relationship with the businessman.

But he remains adamant they were merely his ‘secretaries’, despite the fact five children were born during the time they lived with him.

With the investigation in its early days, the Malaga Institute of Legal Medicine is seeking to determine whether or not there was an intimate relationship between Soha and the complainants.

The women, aged between 20 and 30 and mostly eastern European or Asian, all lived in an extravagant villa inside the entrepreneur’s in Sierra Blanca, one of Marbella’s most exclusive estates, but he lived separately in a private palace.

They claim Soha met them at a university in London, claiming to be an oil tycoon, where he promised he could help them become models.

But then their professional relationship allegedly turned into romance, coupled with threats, insults and psychological pressure.

Soha has been arrested, his house searched and now the case has been transferred to a court specialising in cases of violence against women.

He faces charges of prolonged psychological abuse and occasional physical abuse.

“They remained in this situation out of fear,” said Sonsoles Rosales, lawyer for six of them.

“They were free to come and go, but needed his prior authorisation, and he decided when they had to be back home, whether they could travel or not, and if so when they had to return.”

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