By Giles Brown

WAVE energy is being considered as a means to make Gibraltar carbon neutral.

The government has also introduced more electric vehicles to its official fleet, including a Tesla for the Chief Minister.

The announcement was made as Chief Minister Fabian Picardo visited the US to discuss trading and business links with the country.

During his visit Picardo and his deputy Dr Joseph Garcia met with President Obama’s environmental team, as well as other key figures from Congress.

At a visit to the White House the potential export of US technology to help install wave projects in Gibraltar was discussed.

The First Minister later told a press conference that the Rock was taking steps towards carbon neutrality; including the change of the main power generation fuel from diesel to gas. This will dramatically reduce emissions.

Picardo also explained how commercial relationships with US companies had already resulted in his official car now being the American-made Tesla car and how, additionally, the Government’s motorised fleet now includes a number of other hybrid vehicles.

This is the second time this year that meetings have been held with Democratic and Republican Congressmen and is part of a strategy which is designed to protect the long term interests of Gibraltar.

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