ROLF Harris has been found guilty on 12 counts of indecent assault.

The 84-year-old TV star and world-famous children’s entertainer was convicted today at Southwark Crown Court.

He was accused of sexually assaulting four girls aged between seven and 19 over three decades, between 1968 and 1986.

Seven of the charges related to a friend of his daughter, Bindi.

The judge, Justice Sweeney, warned that given the conviction on all 12 counts it was ‘inevitable’ that a jail sentence would be considered.

The performer was released on bail until Friday when he will be sentenced.

The disgraced former ‘national treasure’ has experienced 50 years of glittering showbiz success, including the opportunity to paint the Queen.

He is being flagged as the ‘biggest scalp’ so far for Operation Yewtree, which saw the conviction of PR guru and Costa del Sol regular Max Clifford in May this year.


  1. Rolf Harris…”found guilty on 12 counts of indecent assault” and the “Judge” Sweeney says, “… that a jail sentence would be considered”. considered.. CONSIDERED? Put this guilty child molester in JAIL FOR 20 YEARS!! If not, 10 years in Jail for the “Judge” who is not enforcing the Law by showing a deterrent to criminal acts… even on children, children!

  2. Half the men in Britain must be quaking in their boots. In the 70’s nearly every girl I know was indecently assaulted by a minimum of one man. Including myself, by 3 men and one woman. If I decide to report it to the police I would likely be told I was out of time to make a complaint, or why didn’t I complain sooner.

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