BULLS aren’t the only thing for women to dodge at Pamplona’s famous San Fermin festival.

Groping and other sexual assaults are a serious problem at the annual event, and this year authorities are cracking down on the perpetrators.

A total of 3,350 police officers will be on patrol at the festival – which will launch on July 6 at midday, and will end at midnight on July 14.

The grand opening consists of a pyrotechnic display known as El chupinazo, or the loud bang.

Shocking images of past chupinazos show young shirtless women being held up in the crowd, while men around them take the opportunity to grope and molest them.

The mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, explained that for the first time this year officers will be on duty who will focus ‘exclusively’ on stopping these attacks.

Maya added that this will include even those situations that are voluntary.

The Minister of the Interior, Javier Morras, also urged members of the public – particularly the younger generation – to ‘reject’ exhibitionists and this sexist behaviour.

He added: “No one will be free if someone violates the freedom of others in the chupinazo.”

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