SEVENTEEN illegal hunters have been arrested in Sevilla for hunting the world’s most endangered feline species.

It comes after the bodies of three Iberian lynxes were found in the wildlife reserve town of Aznalcazar, two riddled with bullets and one with its paw severed by a lynx trap.

The police operation began with the arrest of 13 in 2011 and 2012, but the recent resurgence has spurred renewed law-enforcement action.

Today there are fewer than 200 Iberian lynxes left, and they are found in only two locations in Andalucia.

The Nature Protection service is now sweeping the Donana national park for additional criminals.


  1. No doubt these idiots will get the customary slap on the wrist and released without a stain on their characters . Just amazing really that idiots like these can purchase a weapon and then be let loose on the country side blasting anything that moves . Old habits die hard I guess .

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