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CUTE ALERT: First look at newborn endangered Iberian Lynx cubs in Andalucia

The cute cubs, which are the world’s most endangered feline species, have passed their first health check-up at Jerez Zoo

Which animals are most at risk of extinction in Spain?

Check out 11 native species still living life on the edge

Endangered Iberian lynxes making comeback in Spain

A total of 440 Iberian lynxes are thought to have been living in the country in 2016, up from 404 the previous year

From bears to wolves the search is on for Spain’s wild animals

If you go down to the woods today, watch out

Iberian lynxes born at Jerez Zoo

ON Friday, 15 April, Jerez Zoo gained its newest arrivals. The female Iberian Lynx gave birth to three Guinea pig-sized kittens.The mother, Castañuella, remained...

Drones deployed to save endangered Iberian lynx in Spain

Conservationists are introducing eyes in the sky in order to gather more information about the wild cats

Yet another Iberian lynx death in Andalucia

Last March reduced speed limits were introduced in areas where high death rates have been recorded for the world’s most endangered feline

Endangered Iberian lynx road deaths at record high in Andalucia

In the past 12 months, 22 of the 28 lynxes to die in Andalucia were killed by cars

Iberian lynx cubs born outside Andalucia for first time in decades

The births of two Iberian lynx cubs in Badajoz is being hailed as a ‘breakthrough’ moment

Junta agrees measures to reduce high number of endangered Iberian lynxes killed on roads

Last year alone, 21 of the 27 lynxes which died in the region were hit by motor vehicles

Drones deployed to save endangered Iberian lynx in Spain

Conservationists hope the drones will help them better understand lynx movements in order to prevent more deaths

Spain has most endangered species in Europe

The Iberian lynx and Mediterranean monk seal are among the endangered in Spain

Hunters arrested for slaughtering world’s most endangered cat

Three Iberian lynxes were found maimed and riddled with bullets

Popularity of cork helps endangered Iberian Lynx in Spain

The return to fashion of the versatile building material means the predator's habitat is being preserved

Protecting the Iberian lynx beyond Andalucia

With more evidence emerging that the Iberian Lynx has wandered beyond Andalucia, experts say it is about time we increased our protection of the elusive big cat

Justice too late for dead Iberian lynx

Two men face court for putting 30 bullets into the endangered feline in Sevilla

Spain’s Donana National Park could lose UNESCO protection

Final redoubt of world's most famous wild cat the lynx seriously under threat, writes Wendy Williams

Our lynx to the future

As exciting new figures show the Iberian lynx is clawing its way back, Wendy Williams takes a look at the struggle to save the world’s most endangered cat…


Woman bequeaths millions to protect endangered cat