FOOTAGE of an Iberian lynx recently spotted in Madrid has gone viral.

A resident of Sevilla la Nueva in Madrid has managed to capture on camera images of a lynx, making it the first sighting of the endangered wild cat in 30 years in the community of Madrid.

The last time a lynx was spotted in this area of central Spain was in 1993.

According to reports, images of the lynx were captured last Sunday by a man who was passing through the area of Los Cortijos.

The man was able to successfully capture fleeting images of the feline before it disappeared once again.

Following the snapped images, authorities of the Community of Madrid have confirmed that the footprints found in the area where the recording was made indeed belong to a lynx. Significant and positive news given the visible absence for decades.

It is believed that the young lynx could have come from Toledo, where these wild cats are being released and could now be beginning to re-enter Madrid naturally through the valleys of Alberche and Guadarrama.

The last census of lynx in Spain in 2022 places them at 1,668 specimens: 1,105 adults and 563 cubs in the wild. Tallying 300 more than the previous year.


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