PRIME Minister Mariano Rajoy and King Felipe VI have met in Mallorca to discuss the Ebola virus outbreak and its implications for Spain.

The meeting – the pair’s last for the summer – covered a variety of topics, including Spain’s recovering economy, but a large emphasis was placed on the Ebola epidemic.

Rajoy said the government would pay for the repatriation of the Madrid priest who recently returned from Africa after being infected with the deadly virus.

The PM seemed disillusioned with the Ebola controversy, saying that the solution was simple: “It’s just common sense.”

To solve any epidemic issues in Spain, Rajoy and Felipe discussed the construction of treatment facilities should the problem become any more serious.


  1. Nothing to worry about folks, Rajoy is on top of it, “it’s just common sense” he says. So all the boffins tearing out their hair, trying to find a vaccine against this modern plague, are wasting their time.
    Tell that to the dead people…
    The “treatment facilities” mentioned in this piece sound a bit sinister too.

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