IF you’re in need of a cool dip but tired of chlorinated resort pools there are some gorgeous natural swimming spots in Andalucia.

Wild swimming in lakes, reservoirs and waterfalls is one of the best ways to enjoy the region’s natural untamed landscape. Try seeking out these hidden gems for a change in pace:

  1.     Cascadas de Hueznar – north of Sevilla

(pictured above)

Water trickles down subtle waterfalls into crystal blue pools for a mesmerising swim at this quaint spot, about 2km outside of San Nicolas village.  After exploring the surrounding area, a dip in the crisply cold waters here is just what the weary traveller needs.



  1.     Cueva del Gato – west of Ronda

natural pool 2

Meaning ‘Cave of the Cat’ this breathtaking underwater cave is so called because of it’s resemblance to a cat’s face. Benaojan is only 2km away, where there are plenty of great restaurants to refuel after a day of swimming.






  1.     Embalse del Gastor – northwest of Ronda

natural pool 3

Also tucked away in the Ronda highlands, this spot is truly remarkable because of the colour of its water: a striking green-blue that tricks the eye at first glance. A massive reservoir, this captivating expanse is the perfect temperature in summer.






  1.     Junta de los Rios – north of Almunecar

natural pool 4

More challenging to get to than the others, but your hard work will be rewarded with enchanting falls and pools created by the meeting of the Rios Verde and Negro. Don’t forget your water bottle and leave your mobile at home since there’s no reception here!







  1.     Embalse de los Bermejales—southwest of Granada

natural pool 5

This giant reservoir is a wonderful place to spend the day, despite being more touristy. Very kid-friendly with its beach and floating pontoon, this spot makes the list for its undeniably pristine water, filled with vibrant fish and underwater life.


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