IT’S the classic fairy tale: Scunthorpe girl meets guy in a Swiss tuberculosis clinic, guy turns out to be a Polish prince, the two cough ‘I love you’s to each other and live happily ever after.

Then death tore them apart. That is until they were reunited post-mortem in glamorous Marbella.

The Scunthorpe woman, Betty York, met Polish prince Wladvslaw Czartorski while both were receiving TB treatment in 1948. She became Princess Betty upon their marriage in 1949.

But the two lived a low-profile life on a beach house in Cleethorpes, England, until 1979, when the prince passed away and was buried in Marbella.

When the ‘Scunthorpe princess’ died in 1983, nobody knew what had happened to her remains.

But now the Scunthorpe Telegraph has tracked her corpse down to the Costa del Sol, where she rests alongside her royal lover in eternal unity.

Ann Smith, 74, Betty’s cousin, said: “The Czartoryskis are a very famous family in Poland and there is even a museum dedicated to them.”