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UPDATE: Ashya King parents extradition hearing in Madrid postponed until Tuesday

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THE parents of Ashya King are expected to face an extradition hearing in Madrid on Tuesday following their arrest on Saturday.

Brett King, 51, and his wife Naghemeh, 45, fled to Spain with their five-year-old boy who has a brain tumour, leaving Southampton general hospital without consent.

They were found by police and arrested on Saturday night after a Europe-wide hunt following doctors’ claims his life was in danger.

His father claimed they took him out of the hospital in England because they wanted him to have proton beam therapy, a specific treatment which was not available in the UK.

The parents, who are Jehovah’s witnesses, have not seen their son since the arrest at a hostel in Benajarafe.

Brett King appeared on a 10-minute YouTube video explaining why the family took Ashya from the hospital and asked the police to ‘call off this ridiculous chase’.

Interpol had sent out a missing persons alert to its 190 member countries as concerns for the boy’s welfare grew since he was removed from hospital by his parents on Thursday, August 28.

An online petition demanding the release of the Kings has gathered more than 3,400 signatures.

His older brother Naveed has posted a YouTube video arguing that the family did care properly for Ashya while travelling.

He has also set up a donation page after being inundated with support, which has already raised more than £1,500.

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  1. God bless them. Let them fight for their child’s life in peace! We cannot fault the parents of Ashya King for simply displaying their adamant devotion for their child.
    I worked in surgery for 23 years. My specialty was neurosurgery. I promise you that the vast majority of the brain surgeons were brilliant and dedicated. But I can also vouch for the fact that if you have three brain surgeons in the same room, you will have seven different opinions. Medicine is not an exact science but an art that is practiced.
    I’ve met my share of egomaniac surgeons whose careers were more important than the patients they treated. fortunately they are the minority.
    I applaud you Mr. Brett King, and I honestly wish you and your family everything. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Free them & leave them alone. let them visit their son in peace.

    they are only doing what any loving parents would do.

    it seems as if people living in the U.k are living in a police state.

  3. Spain as a country you break every e.u directive in the book . to show the heart I know you have break this order and let these people go . You hold family in high regard show your mettle LET THESE PEOPLE SIT WITH THEIR DYING CHILD .

  4. Spain cannot easily break an international arrest warrant on a whim, even though we all know that Spain is one of the most least compliant countries when it comes to abiding by EU laws.

    Of course the arrest is utter stupidity, and the parents need to take legal advice on this because it needs to be determined if they required permission to take the child out of hospital. Generally, the parent of the child controls when they leave, but the exception to that is in the case of a life threatening emergency, and this may have been why the warrant was issued in this case. The parents need to find a good lawyer.

  5. “Just shows how warped some posters are here!”

    Hope you aren’t referring to me Squiddy as I made no mention of which country was to blame and even said that Spain cannot break their end of the warrant. Of course Spain can’t be blamed for acting on an arrest warrant, although some seem to be saying that the arrest should not have been made and the conditions relaxed. Read more carefully perhaps.

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