A DRUGS-BUST has led to the seizure of 2.8 tonnes of hashish and the arrest of five people near celebrities’ homes in Marbella following a tip-off.

A concerned Marbella neighbour alerted the Guardia Civil to men unloading large packages from a motorised inflatable boat onto Alicate beach on July 8.

Officers found an initial 10 bales of hashish, and caught three men as they tried to either flee or hide.

“Caught red-handed, the individuals fled, some by car while others ran to a nearby area of brush and weeds,” said a police statement issued on Friday.

Another suspect was arrested in Granada a day later, finding a further 14 bales of hashish, weighing 430kg, inside the car he was driving.

After identifying and locating the fifth man and his home, a final 63 bales containing 1.9 tonnes of hashish, €14,980 in cash, 11 mobile phones and two vehicles were confiscated.

The men are between 28 to 40 years old, two of them are Spanish while the other three are Moroccan.

Alicate beach is known as one of Marbella’s most beautiful beaches and is flanked by celebrities’ homes, including Antonio Banderas’.

Operation ‘Edgar’ remains open.


  1. Spain…..involved with yet more drug smuggling….. well well well….. and they would have us all believe that Gibraltar is where all smuggling happens. The truth is that more happens in spain, by Spanish than pretty much anywhere else in the EU.

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