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London Diaries – Thanking our NHS heroes

SOME superheroes don’t wear capes.

OUTRAGE after British expat in Marbella set to earn over €2,000 PER DAY consulting for cash-strapped NHS board in...

A MARBELLA-based management consultant brought in to cut costs to a struggling Welsh NHS is set to rake in more than €2,000 per DAY.  Expert...

British pensioners in Spain to lose free healthcare under no-deal Brexit

The new UK Government guidelines, published yesterday, say pensioners, tourists and students in the EU will lose free healthcare after March 29 in the event of a no-deal Brexit

EU migrants in Britain to be granted right to stay in case of no-deal Brexit while future for UK...

It is not known if British nationals living in the EU will be given reciprocal rights

EXPAT APPEAL: British mum’s desperate plea for drug that could help teenage son walk again

The mother is urging expats to donate £2 for a drug costing £125,000 per shot and the only treatment available for her son's neuromuscular disease

Spanish NHS nurse leaving UK and returning to Spain following abuse after Brexit vote

A Spanish NHS nurse is uprooting her whole family and moving to Spain following abuse they have received in the wake of the Brexit...

Cambridge Weight Plan brings innovative new treatment to Spain for diabetes sufferers

It has become so successful in the UK that the NHS uses it as the first-port-of-call for diabetes treatment.

Easier exams of Spanish nurses to work in UK hospitals given go-ahead

The Occupational English Test is said to be easier as it tests nurses’ knowledge of medical terms in contrast to understanding complex scientific processes and articles.

A suntan on kids is ‘not healthy’ and a sign of ‘skin damage’, UK’s NHS warns

One in 10 said they had told their child to take their top off in the sun to avoid getting tan lines

Number of EU nurses applying to UK has dropped by 96% since Brexit referendum

The NHS is already struggling with nurse vacancies

Pensioners returning home post-Brexit could cost the UK’s NHS €1.15 billion per year

The UK government currently pays €575 million a year for healthcare provided to some 190,000 British pensioners living in the EU

Fundraising plea to help Alpujarras new mum beat cancer

Alpujarras resident Colette Nolan, whose son Zebedee is 10-months-old, desperately needs to raise €100,000 to pay for innovative therapy at the ChemoThermia Oncology Centre in Istanbul

Sussing out the system: Spain’s healthcare service

The healthcare service in Spain and how to make the most of it

NHS to clampdown on British expats

UK expats will no longer be able to pop home for NHS operations or routine checkups

Spanish nurses join the ranks of foreign recruits fleeing the NHS after just months in the job

The language barrier, trouble adjusting and the weather force hundreds to return home
nurses e

Welsh NHS forced to employ 70 Spanish nurses over Skype

NHS shortages in Wales have forced bosses to recruit nurses from abroad

NHS employ Spanish nurses with poor English

NHS trusts could be putting patients 'at risk' by employing nurses with a low level of English

Ashya King leaves hospital for the first time… to go for pizza

He is to be discharged on Friday and expected to return to Spain for further treatment

Ashya King parents explain the moment police split up their family as Ashya speaks first words in Prague hospital

Brain tumour patient Ashya King begins his recovery in Prague after the NHS agrees to fund proton beam therapy

UPDATE: Ashya King parents extradition hearing in Madrid postponed until Tuesday

Brett King, 51, and his wife Naghemeh, 45, fled to Spain with their five-year-old son who has a brain tumour

UK turns to Spain to plug nursing gap

Shortage of specialist nurses in the UK leads NHS trust to look abroad

No cash, no care in Benalmadena

EXCLUSIVE: Security called in after British mother refuses to pay €450 in cash to hospital after her son suffers serious puncture wound to his testicles

Expat hit with €1,180 bill for one night in NHS hospital

EXCLUSIVE: British expat charged €1,180 after being forced to spend a night in a UK hospital while on a trip back home

Telephone is tops for expats in Spain

New research shows talking on the phone is just as good as meeting in the flesh





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