A Spanish NHS nurse is uprooting her whole family and moving to Spain following abuse they have received in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Olaya de la Iglesia, who has lived in Norfolk for 17 years and worked in the NHS for 15, is moving to Spain after the ‘unchallenged abuse’ she has faced.

She feels that by moving and setting up her own business, she will be protecting her two sons and husband ‘from what’s coming’ which ‘won’t be pretty’.

“I’ve stopped fighting for Britain. Countries like Spain and Italy that have seen a brain drain are welcoming with open arms the fact that we are coming back,” she said.

The nurse has been so affected by the abuse that she was signed off sick for four months with stress and anxiety.

She said: “There might be many people that don’t say things and feel that way, but they’re not saying anything either.

“This apathy from friends, EU nationals, neighbours and co-workers is the most hurtful thing. Way more hurtful that the abuse we get in the first place.”

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